Using A Goal Weight Calculator To Find Your Ideal Weight

goal weight calculator

How do you know what is a healthy weight for your body?   Using a goal weight calculator can help you find your ideal weight. Now, some people may perceive different body types as too big or to small even if they are within a healthy weight range.  It can be difficult to get an accurate picture of what is a healthy body weight and shape.  Sometimes even your current mood may affect whether you feel frumpy and want to cover up, or happy with your body, and ready to rock a bikini.

We know that it’s important to maintain a healthy body weight in order to maximize health and fitness throughout life. By maintaining a healthy weight we may also avoid diet related illness.

So how do we know if we are a healthy weight?

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Luckily we can look to science and dieticians to give us a more standardized guide on what is a healthy weight for our body type.

Most calculations which are aimed at determining your healthy weight range rely on information such as gender, height, and body frame to calculate a healthy weight range. We do have to remember that everyone is built a little differently. Some people may have heavier muscle mass than others, and others may have a very small body frame. These calculation tools act as a guide only. Please also note this information is not suitable for children or pregnant women.



The Body Mass Index or BMI is a formula which reduces our weight and height credentials to a single number. The BMI can then be used to evaluate where you fall within a range from underweight to obese.

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Below is the Ideal Weight Calculator


The chart below also expresses the same information in chart format. To use the chart simply find your height in centimeters and mark the point where it intersects your weight on the graph. The chart then advises users on their weight status.

I find the BMI charts more interesting than just knowing your BMI calculated number. By using a chart you are able to see how much buffer you have either side of the next weight range. Below is the Imperial BMI Chart which uses feet and pounds to calculate BMI.


We can determine our body weight by jumping on the scales, but the number in itself doesn’t give us very much information. Scale fluctuations can also be misleading and cause unnecessary angst. Weight gain or loss may be a result of a change in hydration or a loss or gain of muscle mass.

Charting weight over a period will show a more realistic indication of how your body weight is tracking. Once you have determined weight we also need a method of interpreting what that number actually represents to your own body.



Another important consideration when deciding if you are within a healthy weight range is the waist measurement. Waist measurement should be considered in conjunction with the BMI. The reason we look at waist measurements is because this tends to be where unhealthy fat is stored.

For women, a waist measurement of less than 80cm is considered healthy.

For men a waist measurement of less than 94cm is considered healthy.

I hope this information has helped give you an objective mind, when looking at your own healthy weight guide. If you’re interested in bookmarking some delicious, healthy dinner recipes take a look here.

Ways to Keep Losing Weight

Ways to Keep Losing Weight

The worst sensation one can easily ever have is not seeing any sort of outcomes after placing him or herself with several months of hard work in attempting to lose weight.

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Even after they’ve obtained the results they have actually long wanted, it can be rather difficult to sustain every thing. Some people make the blunder of in fact letting things go once they’ve lost the quantity of weight needed. Reality be advised, it doesn’t actually take much effort to guarantee that you keep all those excess pounds off for good. The hardest step to take is the first one, and everything else after that will be a breeze. Below are some crucial strategies to keep in mind on ways to keep losing weight.

Individuals who wish to keep watch on their body weight ought to see the health club every so often. After all, 30 minutes every day is the suggested period in which one ought to participate in some workout. With more walking included, you’ll most definitely see faster results in the loss of weight in your body. You can also buy your very own workout equipment for lesser costs, or even participate in some yoga stretching. This can easily assist you unwind and is also a nice way to work out.  You can also check out our personal fitness plans!

Another suggestion on ways to keep losing weight is to consume some water prior to your dinners. This can help you feel a lot fuller, thus enabling you to eat less and please your yearnings faster. You can absolutely keep the weight off for good with this strategy. This is an easy to do weight loss trick!

Consistently keep in mind to view how much you’re consuming. It’s advised that you in fact consume small yet constant dinners, perhaps around 4-7 of them in a day, compared to having 3 huge dinners. Your metabolic process will work quicker if you consume more during the day, thus helping you lose weight.

High Calorie Foods for Weight Gain

High Calorie Foods for Weight Gain

High-fat food makes a high-fat body. It’s as plain and simple as that! But through educating ourselves with the right foods to eat we can surely live a healthy life. However, we must not forget that high calorie or high-fatty foods are not always bad for our body, calories are needed to fuel up our vital organs such as the heart and lungs. Although, when we consume more calories than what our body requires, then we will gain weight; if we eat fewer calories, we will lose pounds. See how it works? Calories can be our friend and may be our worst enemy too!

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Now, let me enumerate some favorite dishes and famous food combinations that are categorized as high calorie foods for weight gain.  Everyone knows that it is healthy to eat more fruits and vegetables. It can give you a good amount of calorie content that your body needs. But creating a habit to eat just fruits and vegetables is easier said than done, I know! Eating healthy food takes more planning than eating junk. So, take time to gradually incorporate it in your meals, and chances are, your lifestyle is going to have to change a little bit.

Top High Calorie Foods for Weight Gain

  • Pizza

The only thing that’s good about pizza is its sauce. Tomato sauce is not a big problem, but cheese is — cheese is a high-fat food. A saturated fat! And we know how much cheese they put in our pizzas! Its calories can range from 150-400 calories per slice of pizza. And, 150-300 fat calories per piece.

  • Hamburgers

A large bun makes up to 150 calories, 20cal for lettuce and onion rings, 15cal for tomato slices, cheese has 100cal (see how cheese greatly add up to the calorie content?), and 5cal for pickle slices. This already amounts to almost 300. Now let’s add the meat patty. Processed beef has about 170 calories while the ordinary fried beef has already 300+ calories.

  • Steaks

Steak calories are roughly 170 calories per 100 grams, but a good size steak is usually around 450 grams, so how much calories are there now? There’s a variety of steaks and here are some of it: Fillet Steak (grilled) 210 calories, T-bone steak 182 Calories, Sirloin Steak lean 166 Calories, Rump Steak with fat (grilled) 220 Calories, Rump Steak with fat (fried) 250 Calories, Rump Steak lean only (grilled) 170 Calories.

These are just some of the list of high calorie foods for weight gain and as we all know, there are still hundreds or even thousands of food that can be included in this inventory. Constantly remember that these foods can not cause you any harm if you won’t let it. Take total control over your food intake and you’ll be surprised with the benefits it can serve you.  Read about fighting weight loss plateaus.


Fight Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss plateau

One of the common obstacles that weight watchers or dieters experience during their weight loss cycle is the Weight Loss Plateau. This is a phenomenon where your body seems to stop losing weight or worse you even gain few pounds.

Experiencing weight plateau should not discourage you from pursuing your weight loss program. You just have to remember that weight plateau happens because your body is adjusting to its new weight. Usually, during the initial phase of your weight loss program, your body has started losing water weight. So, naturally your body will tend to hold or absorb every drop of water or fluid it receives giving you an added weight. But you have to remember that this is not an actual weight. This is just merely water retention which will subside eventually.

In order to prevent water retention, you have to drink at least 6 – 8 glasses of water. Drinking adequate amount of water will help eliminate excess water in the body through urine and sweat.

Weight Loss plateau can be avoided through the following tips:

1)      Drink enough amount of water (6 – 8 glasses) to excrete your water weight.

Fight Weight Loss Plateau Drink Water
Fight Weight Loss Plateau Drink Water

2)      Continue your weight loss diet plan.

3)      Avoid frequent weight check because it will only cause frustrations.

4)      Do not fit your old clothes often. You have to remember that your body needs to adjust to its new weight and form, and your skin might still be loose.

5)      If you feel upset with the sudden water weight, do not binge on food. Don’t let your frustrations affect your will to lose weight.

6)      Focus on your goal. You have to keep in mind that weight loss plateau is just a phase you experience.

7)      Don’t forget your exercise. If possible, walk more.

Fight Weight Loss Plateau Exercise

8)      Evaluate your weight loss plan and your progress. Do you strictly abide to your diet plan? Maybe you are becoming lenient in following it.

9)      Regain your enthusiasm and be positive. Always think of your goal and the benefits of your weight loss plan.

Weight Loss Plateau should not hamper you from achieving your goal of weight loss and healthy body. It is just a phase that you can overcome soon. Keep in mind that you already started your program so quitting will mean wasting your time and effort. Go ahead, you can conquer weight loss plateau in no time.