1. Why should I sign up for a workout and meal plan?

There’s plenty of workout and meal programs all over the internet. The problem is everyone is different. Some may work well, while others will not. At Callen Fitness, we create a customized plan to maximize your results, allowing you to reach your fitness goals quicker!

2. How do I purchase a package?

Our Customized Plans are located under Shop. You’ll want to make sure you fill out the Signup Form first to minimize delays. After you select the package you want, click on the checkout button. This will then bring you to a secure PayPal site to send the payment (does NOT require a PayPal account). Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your customized meal plan and/or customized workout plans. Your plans will be emailed to your within 48 hours.

3. What happens after I purchase a package?

You’ll need to make sure you’ve filled out the Signup Form“, if you haven’t already done so. This will give our coaches time to create a customized meal plan and/or customized workout plan. After your payment has been made and the signup form has been filled out, you should receive your plans within 48 hours.

4. How does Coaching Support/Online Personal Training work?

Coaching support allows you to communicate with our trainers on questions you may have regarding your plans. They can be related to diet, workouts, or even if you’re needing some help getting motivated. Questions can be submitted by emailing us at contact@callentfitness.com.

5. When will my package start?

Our workout programs will always begin on a Sunday. If you’ve filled out the Signup Form and purchased a program on a Tuesday, your workout program will be sent within 48 hours, but will begin on Sunday.

6. What are monthly check-ins?

Monthly check-ins allow us to check your progress by providing feedback and/or updated meal and workout plans. We ask you to fill out the monthly check-ins form your progress at least once a month.  The Monthly Check-in Form is found under the My Account tab.  This information will be used to update your meal and workout plans.