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Dear Callen Fitness,

I wanted to write you and let you know how wonderful it has been working out with you the past few months. I never thought that I would be able to achieve so much and so quickly!! You are helping me reach goals and levels that I have tried so long to get to but never could achieve. The exercises that we are doing and the order that we are doing them in are so different that anything I have ever done before. Each workout is like a new experience more challenging than the previous workout.

I have been going to the gym and exercising for years. I have never used a trainer before. I always thought that I pretty much knew everything there was to know about working out. I felt that no one had anything new to show me that I didn’t already know. Boy was I wrong!! You have shown me exercises and workouts that have made me stronger in every way. The exercises that we perform are so incredibly different than anything I have ever done in the past. In fact I don’t think I have ever seen anyone else in any gym exercise quite like the way we do. When people ask me, “What have you been doing in the gym,” it is difficult to explain. I just tell them to call you.

Through our training sessions I have noticed an increase in my performance with all other extra curricular activities. I hit a golf ball further; I throw a baseball faster, I run faster and most importantly my surfing has progressed. When I paddle in the water to catch waves I can feel my arms pulling my body through the water faster and harder than ever before. Through the core training my balance is so solid I feel like I can crush any wave.

So many times I surprise myself with things that I am doing now that I never could do in the past. I used to wake up and immediately start stretching. My body was sore and my legs hurt from straining not training. I was trying to lift too much weight and it was destroying my body. Since we have started working out that seems to be a thing of the past. I cannot thank you enough Callen Fitness for showing me the proper way to train. You are an inspiration to me and I look forward to a lot of healthy years of working out with you.


— Shawn Gartner


My experience with Callen Fitness has been nothing short of transformative. Callen Fitness’s ability to motivate, encourage, challenge, and reward has helped me not only change my views on exercise and nutrition, but change the way I the way I view myself and my abilities. Each time I emailed with Callen Fitness, I know I am becoming physically and mentally healthier and stronger. Callen Fitness is fiercely committed to me and my health and I could not be happier with my results!

— Stacey Amodio


“Training with Callen Fitness has definitely made a positive difference in reaching my fitness goals. I was at a point where I wasn’t motivated to workout. I wasn’t seeing any physical changes to my body and my eating habits were becoming unhealthy due to skipping meals and lack of nutrition.

I started training with Callen Fitness and after a few weeks I could already see the difference. Their strength training workouts have increased my strength by introducing me to different and more efficient programs that target multiple muscles at one time. Before I started training with Callen Fitness, I couldn’t even run one mile without stopping, and just after one month I’m going towards my second mile.

Their nutrition plans have put me back on track on eating healthy and giving my body the nutrients it needs. Callen Fitness has provided me with the motivation I was looking for and a program to challenge my body and meet my goals. Thanks to Callen Fitness, I can definitely see my body changing to a more defined, stronger, and healthier me!”

— Sandra Felipe


“I always look forward to my training sessions with Callen Fitness. No matter how I feel when I enter the gym, I always have a great workout and leave feeling great. Callen Fitness has helped me to become bigger and stronger than I ever thought possible. I had found it extremely difficult to gain muscle mass, but Callen Fitness seems to be able to push me that extra bit that I needed to get the results I was looking for. Callen Fitness is always very professional in every conceivable way: her knowledge, punctuality, attention to detail, and her ability to develop my weak areas. Callen Fitness always keeps up with the latest news in nutrition and supplements, and has always made my program work for me.”

— Bill Reals


“We’ve trained with Callen Fitness for for over two months. We were eager to improve our fitness through weight training and Callen Fitness devised customized programs to meet both of our needs. They updates our programs periodically as we progress. They are very upbeat and a delight to train with. They have been open to all our whims, and is very knowledgeable about equipment and exercise theories. We highly recommend them.”

— Jan and Roger Rasmusen


“I had raced in 2 small sprint triathlons while living in Oregon, but when I moved to San Diego and decided I wanted to take my training to the next level, I decided to work with Callen Fitness. After just talking with Callen Fitness about triathlons, I knew they were very knowledgeable, experienced and would put in the time, effort, and dedication to specialize the training to my needs and desires. They listened intently to my background, current training programs, and my short and long-term goals. Callen Fitness put me at ease and I knew I wanted to work with her.

One of the greatest things about training with Callen Fitness is the effort and personalization they puts into your program. Since I was already training for a specific race, they specialized my training by knowing exactly the length of my race, the location and so forth. They researched the bike course so we could ride the exact course together so that I could familiarize myself with the terrain and surroundings. Whether we were swimming in the ocean or out riding, they were always right beside me and encouraging me.

Another awesome thing about Callen Fitness is their openness and willingness to help in any way they can. I asked question after question about nutrition, techniques and races. They answered all of my questions with specifics, expertise and experience. They encouraged me to keep in contact by email and write down any questions that came up. They made me feel incredibly comfortable.

I have been an athlete and competing in different types of sports since I was 6 years old. I have never felt this confident in my ability or training level as I have for my upcoming race. Without a doubt, Callen Fitness has increased my confidence level, motivated me and helped me prepare for the race better than I ever could on my own. They also taught me skills and techniques that I will continue to use throughout my hopefully blossoming triathlon career!”

— Sara Johnson


“I have been a client of Callen Fitness for over three months.

I am a former marathon runner (7 times) who wanted to get back into the groove (and in shape) and needed some help. I wanted a change from the regiment of marathon training, and needed help in getting motivated.

Callen Fitness was able to tailor a fitness program that enabled me to grow physically and mentally.

To those who have fears or inhibitions about a personal trainer, throw those fears and inhibitions away. If you want to get to the next level of mind and physical fitness, contact them now with Callen Fitness and you won’t regret it.

In my experience with Callen Fitness, with her help and patience, you will be able to achieve goals that seemed unattainable prior to her help.

Life is so much better when one is on top of their game mentally and physically. Callen Fitness can get you to where you want and need to be.”

— Jim Flood


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