Using A Goal Weight Calculator To Find Your Ideal Weight

Using A Goal Weight Calculator To Find Your Ideal Weight

How do you know what is a healthy weight for your body?   Using a goal weight calculator can help you find your ideal weight. Now, some people may perceive different body types as too big or to small even if they are within a healthy weight range.  It can be difficult to get an accurate picture of what is a healthy body weight and shape.  Sometimes even your current mood may affect whether you feel frumpy and want to cover up, or happy with your body, and ready to rock a bikini.

We know that it’s important to maintain a healthy body weight in order to maximize health and fitness throughout life. By maintaining a healthy weight we may also avoid diet related illness.

So how do we know if we are a healthy weight?

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Luckily we can look to science and dieticians to give us a more standardized guide on what is a healthy weight for our body type.

Most calculations which are aimed at determining your healthy weight range rely on information such as gender, height, and body frame to calculate a healthy weight range. We do have to remember that everyone is built a little differently. Some people may have heavier muscle mass than others, and others may have a very small body frame. These calculation tools act as a guide only. Please also note this information is not suitable for children or pregnant women.



The Body Mass Index or BMI is a formula which reduces our weight and height credentials to a single number. The BMI can then be used to evaluate where you fall within a range from underweight to obese.

Check out our Ideal Weight Calculator

Below is the Ideal Weight Calculator


The chart below also expresses the same information in chart format. To use the chart simply find your height in centimeters and mark the point where it intersects your weight on the graph. The chart then advises users on their weight status.

I find the BMI charts more interesting than just knowing your BMI calculated number. By using a chart you are able to see how much buffer you have either side of the next weight range. Below is the Imperial BMI Chart which uses feet and pounds to calculate BMI.


We can determine our body weight by jumping on the scales, but the number in itself doesn’t give us very much information. Scale fluctuations can also be misleading and cause unnecessary angst. Weight gain or loss may be a result of a change in hydration or a loss or gain of muscle mass.

Charting weight over a period will show a more realistic indication of how your body weight is tracking. Once you have determined weight we also need a method of interpreting what that number actually represents to your own body.



Another important consideration when deciding if you are within a healthy weight range is the waist measurement. Waist measurement should be considered in conjunction with the BMI. The reason we look at waist measurements is because this tends to be where unhealthy fat is stored.

For women, a waist measurement of less than 80cm is considered healthy.

For men a waist measurement of less than 94cm is considered healthy.

I hope this information has helped give you an objective mind, when looking at your own healthy weight guide. If you’re interested in bookmarking some delicious, healthy dinner recipes take a look here.

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