How to Boost Metabolism

How to Boost Metabolism

Are you working harder than you need to to lose weight? Do you feel like you’re always dieting, always tired and hungry, and still the weight doesn’t come off? It’s time to take a fresh look at weight loss, and most importantly, it’s time to understand the one slimming tool you can use to great advantage — your metabolism. If it’s running slow, slimming will be hard work for you. If you get it running fast – it’s going to be EASY.

So What is Your Metabolism?

Put simply, in relation to food burning and slimming, your metabolism is how your body turns food into energy. It’s all the chemical processes that are a part of that.

All you need to think about as a slimmer is HOW fast it’s doing it. If it’s working slowly, my body will turn LESS of what I eat into energy and LESS fat into energy.  So, if it’s burning fast I FEEL MORE ENERGY plus burn more fat and lose weight more easily. Sound like a bonus!?

Learning How to Boost Metabolism

So — you want to speed up your metabolism to make life easier for you. What can you do? Here are three simple keys for Speeding up your Metabolism:

1. Drink enough water. This must be overstated because so many people just don’t get it or apply it! Water is life and your body’s on it. You are roughly 60% water. If you deny your body water, you are denying your body a basic building block of life. If you GIVE YOUR BODY ENOUGH WATER then you are enabling vitality, life and health.

2. Eat enough nutrition to go from fat storage mode to fat-burning mode. If your body needs 1200 calories per day at rest, and you only put in 800, then your body will be in fat storage mode and it will burn SLOW. If you want it to burn faster you need to get at least 1200 calories per day. How much extra depends on the exercise you do. Basically, aim to eat a little less than you are needing but at least as you need at rest. This is key!

3. Eat a small amount of protein with each meal. Protein is a muscle builder and repairer and using more muscle means burning more fat. Speeding up your metabolism is vital for successful slimming. Some people I’ve coached balk at eating more protein because they think meat. If that’s you, think nuts and pulses instead.

Brown Fat vs White Fat

Understanding Brown Fat vs White Fat

There are two colors of fat, brown and white.  It’s important to understand brown fat vs white fat.  The type we are most familiar with is white, which comprises most of the fat in the body. White fat is a storage depot for excess calories and provides insulation and produces inflammation, an unhealthy situation for the body. Brown fat is a healthy type of metabolically active fat. Brown fat is named as such because it contains a lot of energy-generating mitochondria which gives rise to the color. Brown fat is considered “good” because it burns calories and generates body heat.

Brown Fat vs White Fat

Through complex brain-hormone interactions, the body controls its own body temperature. A higher body temperature is the result of increased metabolism. It’s like running an engine; the harder it runs, the hotter it gets. The hormones that raise metabolism, in fact, do so mainly by increasing thermogenesis. Low body temperature means lowered metabolism; we’ve seen this is an indicator of low thyroid function. People with more brown fat have a higher body temperature and higher metabolism because they burn more calories to produce body heat.

Brown fat produces a specialized blood protein known as thermogenin that allows for the production of body heat. Brown tissue is controlled by nerves and stress hormones. The stress hormones epinephrine and norepinepherine, released from nerve cells and the adrenal gland, activate brown tissue, increasing thermogenesis.

Newborn babies have the highest concentrations of brown fatty tissue, but until recently, it was thought that adults didn’t have any brown fat. In 2009, scientists discovered the presence of it in adults. This was considered a major medical breakthrough when the research was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Less than one percent of the body’s fat is brown. Most is located in the front of the neck, shoulders and around the collar bones. It also hides in deeper layers of fat and the number of areas varies among individuals. Thinner people and younger people tend to have the most. Although, you lose brown fat as you get older and as you gain weight, it doesn’t go away completely. In the past, it was thought that once you lost your brown fatty tissue, it was gone forever. However, this is clearly not the case. Everyone has the potential of making more.

Brown Fat Vs White Fat vs Beige FatNow researchers are working feverishly to find ways to help people make more of this calorie-burning tissue. Researchers are investigating different types of medications and even stem cell transplants as ways to induce brown fat production. Animal studies show that lowering room temperature just a few of degrees will make them lose weight by boosting their metabolism. Cold also makes white fat act more like brownish or beige fat, which burns more calories.

Importance of Brown Fat

You can make more brown fat by cooling your body down. Even a small decrease in the temperature your body is exposed to will induce your body make more calorie burning cells. From a survival perspective, when the body is cooled, it has to make more brown fatty tissue to generate enough body heat to keep from freezing to death. Researchers have speculated that warm temperatures may be contributing to our obesity epidemic. Turning down the thermostat just a couple of degrees could help boost your metabolism because you need to burn more calories to stay warm.

Exercise done in the water is particularly good at drawing out body heat, forcing your body to burn more calories. You don’t need to make yourself so cold that you feel uncomfortable or shiver. Swimming is one of the best fat-burning exercises. Swimming is extremely relaxing and a great form aerobic exercise. But any water exercise is a great way to cool your body and burn extra calories. Submersing yourself in water that’s cooler than body temperature will cool you down, causing you to make more brown fat to keep you warm. Try walking in a pool, using a kick board or take a water aerobics class. You don’t have to be a great swimmer to use water to help you burn extra calories.

Just as healthy fat can be part of the cycle to help lose weight; dysfunctional brown fat can get in the way. And, ironically – or perhaps not so ironically, considering the constant feedback loops of the body — obesity can cause brown fat dysfunction. If you are very overweight, your fat tissue cannot produce heat properly, so your metabolism is lowered and it becomes even harder to lose weight, ad infinitum.

Easy Ways to Burn Calories Throughout the Day

Easy Ways to Burn Calories Throughout the Day

Though it is not easy for everyone to lose weight effectively but some of its count can be easily reduced to some extent by eating lesser calories. So to understand how to lose your weight you will have to understand how to reduce calories.  If you know the right way to reduce your calorie intake then you will be able to do it effectively. But for this purpose you have to neither starve yourself nor feel deprived of certain things. Actually your calorie intake can be reduced easily and effortlessly. The tips provided in this article will give you easy ways to burn calories throughout the day.

5 Easy Ways to Burn Calories Throughout the Day!

1. Using Healthy Substitutes to Lose Calories

Instead of giving up your favorite dishes substituting them with healthy

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alternatives will a suitable option for you. For instance you love to eat some chocolaty and rich recipe but if you reduce a small part of your dish that may have added hundreds of calories daily then you can easily satisfy your craving for it. You can also satisfy your craving for your favorite chocolate dish by using a healthy substitute of low fat and sugar free chocolate recipes.

Similarly instead of whole milk products you can also use low fat dairy products or instead of fatty meat use low calorie meat or replace chips with rice cakes or air popped popcorns to reduce your calorie intake. Whole fruits are also good alternative to fruit juice and margarine free from trans-fats is better substitute to butter in this direction.

2. Eating More to Lose Calories

People usually never think of eating more to lose their calorie intake as it does not seems to be a right option in this regard. But it has been proved through various studies that eating in small quantities for several times a day also helping controlling your appetite.

3. You Can Easily Reduce Your Calories By This Method in Two Ways:

You will not have to stay hungry for long time as excessive hunger is the main reason of getting distracted from dieting which can also affect adversely to your body weight. In this way you can reduce your calories by reducing your hunger.

Your metabolism remains active in burning the calories faster with small frequent meals and hence the quantity of calories gets inclined. In this way along with burning your intake calories you can also easily burn out your stored calories without making additional efforts.

4. Do Routine Works to Lose Calories

Another one of the easy ways to burn calories throughout the day is by

Burn Calories Stairs
Burn Calories by taking the stairs

increasing your productivity even if you do not have time to do daily workouts of this purpose. Doing your regular duties and your household tasks actively you can also burn your calories successfully.

Working in your yard or gardening can help you in burning considerable amount of calories per hour. You can even burn approximately 700 calories in an hour depending upon your weight and physical abilities only if you work in your lawns.

You can also reduce up-to 300 calories a day if you have pets or kids and you take them to park and play with them actively for an hour.

Using stairs in place of elevators for doing your routine household jobs can also be a good alternative for you.

Calories can also be reduced by making small change in your habits like parking your vehicle at far end of the parking spot can give you opportunity to walk to the stores while going for marketing.

5. Doing Yoga to Lose Calories

Beginners can also reduce their calories through yoga as it increases

Easy Ways to Burn Calories Throughout the Day Yoga
Easy Ways to Burn Calories Throughout the Day Yoga

flexibility, makes strength and reduces metabolic and heart diseases.

It reduces stresses and reduces your craving for fat rich food to get extra calories for energizing your body.

You will be physically and emotionally benefited by doing yoga in daily routine regularly.  Start off by searching online to find yoga exercises to begin with at least 15-30 minutes daily. You should also not scare from the advanced poses of yoga as masters had also started it like you.

Thus after learning the process of reducing your calories should start practicing on these ideas without depriving you from certain things but by making small changes in your habits and be familiar to this lifestyle. In this way you can quickly shape up your legs by exercising and eating right.  Now you have a few different easy ways to burn calories throughout the day.

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Restaurants For Dieters Tips

Restaurants For Dieters

If you are dieting, to be honest, restaurants for dieters usually don’t go along very well. You want to go out to restaurants, and you want to hang out with your friends, and this is part of why so many diets fail. Many people feel like they are cut off from those around them and their social lives, because they are essentially speaking on a diet. With this in mind, it is possible to eat at a restaurant while dieting, you just have to be careful.

Now you can always use a restaurant as your cheat meal or cheat day.  If you have a custom meal planner you can still skip a meal.   But realistically speaking, that’s only once a week at most or once a month in some stricter cases. Are you really ready to limit yourself like that? Most would say no. Instead, if dieting at restaurants, you should know what foods you are looking for.

Restaurants for dieters usually are nice enough to label them low carb, low calorie, or otherwise. That is definitely helpful to say the least. But quite a few restaurants don’t. And just because it’s a salad doesn’t mean you should assume it’s healthy. That doesn’t always work out as you think. So you can start by looking for dishes with more vegetables and less sauce. For example, lemon chicken doesn’t really have lemons in it, it has sauce and a lot of sugar. So forget it. On the other hand, even say cashew chicken is better.

One of the easiest ways to go about it is to get a vegetable dish or a salad.  Read more about natural foods benefits!  But the big caution I have with salads is that you should actually ask for your dressing on the side. Most often, they use a lot of dressing, and you should also choose a lower calorie vinaigrette. All of these things will give you options in restaurant eating on a regular basis.