Brown Fat vs White Fat

Understanding Brown Fat vs White Fat

There are two colors of fat, brown and white.  It’s important to understand brown fat vs white fat.  The type we are most familiar with is white, which comprises most of the fat in the body. White fat is a storage depot for excess calories and provides insulation and produces inflammation, an unhealthy situation for the body. Brown fat is a healthy type of metabolically active fat. Brown fat is named as such because it contains a lot of energy-generating mitochondria which gives rise to the color. Brown fat is considered “good” because it burns calories and generates body heat.

Brown Fat vs White Fat

Through complex brain-hormone interactions, the body controls its own body temperature. A higher body temperature is the result of increased metabolism. It’s like running an engine; the harder it runs, the hotter it gets. The hormones that raise metabolism, in fact, do so mainly by increasing thermogenesis. Low body temperature means lowered metabolism; we’ve seen this is an indicator of low thyroid function. People with more brown fat have a higher body temperature and higher metabolism because they burn more calories to produce body heat.

Brown fat produces a specialized blood protein known as thermogenin that allows for the production of body heat. Brown tissue is controlled by nerves and stress hormones. The stress hormones epinephrine and norepinepherine, released from nerve cells and the adrenal gland, activate brown tissue, increasing thermogenesis.

Newborn babies have the highest concentrations of brown fatty tissue, but until recently, it was thought that adults didn’t have any brown fat. In 2009, scientists discovered the presence of it in adults. This was considered a major medical breakthrough when the research was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Less than one percent of the body’s fat is brown. Most is located in the front of the neck, shoulders and around the collar bones. It also hides in deeper layers of fat and the number of areas varies among individuals. Thinner people and younger people tend to have the most. Although, you lose brown fat as you get older and as you gain weight, it doesn’t go away completely. In the past, it was thought that once you lost your brown fatty tissue, it was gone forever. However, this is clearly not the case. Everyone has the potential of making more.

Brown Fat Vs White Fat vs Beige FatNow researchers are working feverishly to find ways to help people make more of this calorie-burning tissue. Researchers are investigating different types of medications and even stem cell transplants as ways to induce brown fat production. Animal studies show that lowering room temperature just a few of degrees will make them lose weight by boosting their metabolism. Cold also makes white fat act more like brownish or beige fat, which burns more calories.

Importance of Brown Fat

You can make more brown fat by cooling your body down. Even a small decrease in the temperature your body is exposed to will induce your body make more calorie burning cells. From a survival perspective, when the body is cooled, it has to make more brown fatty tissue to generate enough body heat to keep from freezing to death. Researchers have speculated that warm temperatures may be contributing to our obesity epidemic. Turning down the thermostat just a couple of degrees could help boost your metabolism because you need to burn more calories to stay warm.

Exercise done in the water is particularly good at drawing out body heat, forcing your body to burn more calories. You don’t need to make yourself so cold that you feel uncomfortable or shiver. Swimming is one of the best fat-burning exercises. Swimming is extremely relaxing and a great form aerobic exercise. But any water exercise is a great way to cool your body and burn extra calories. Submersing yourself in water that’s cooler than body temperature will cool you down, causing you to make more brown fat to keep you warm. Try walking in a pool, using a kick board or take a water aerobics class. You don’t have to be a great swimmer to use water to help you burn extra calories.

Just as healthy fat can be part of the cycle to help lose weight; dysfunctional brown fat can get in the way. And, ironically – or perhaps not so ironically, considering the constant feedback loops of the body — obesity can cause brown fat dysfunction. If you are very overweight, your fat tissue cannot produce heat properly, so your metabolism is lowered and it becomes even harder to lose weight, ad infinitum.

How to Lose Weight Naturally

How to Lose Weight Naturally

How to lose weight naturally?  Our modern lifestyle does not help us in our efforts to become healthy or to lose weight. Most jobs do not require much effort, so we do not move around a great deal. We are time poor, so we tend to take the easy option when it comes to our diet. It is much easier to eat out or to pick up takeaways than to prepare meals ourselves. Most jobs are demanding, particularly in a tight labor market, where jobs are easy to fill. We cannot afford to be slack so we tend to spend more time on the job. All this is a recipe for ill-health and for becoming overweight.

Studies have shown that overweight people have these things in common:

  1. They eat too much. This might seem obvious but it is worth stating. They are the people who load up their plates and go back for seconds. They always have dessert
  2. They tend to sit around more. They do not move around much, let alone do regular exercise
  3. They tend to eat for the sake of eating. They eat even when they are not really hungry
  4. They rarely cook for themselves and eat most of their meals out. This generally means they eat bigger meals and have little or no control over the way their food is prepared
  5. They miss meals and catch up by eating larger meals

How to Lose Weight Naturally?

If you find you are doing any of these things, you can start to become healthy and lose weight by changing some of these habits. If you tend to eat too much by backing up for seconds or if you always eat dessert, you can change this. You do not have to give up everything you like but you can start by having smaller portions. You can have a smaller helping of dessert or, better still, only have it every other day.Personal Fitness Plan

If you find you are sitting around a lot, you can change this by moving more. Look for opportunities to get up from your desk or to go outside for a walk. Movement uses calories and gets the blood circulating. Studies are emerging that point to health problems caused by long periods of inactivity. It seems being inactive for long periods could be a health risk in itself.

Eating for the sake of eating is an easy trap to get caught in. We all have favorite foods and they are usually freely available. We may be eating more and more of them without even noticing. You can change this by paying attention to your eating habits and eating only when you are hungry.

If you are eating out most of the time, try cooking more meals at home. This can be a nuisance, particularly if you are working long or irregular hours. But it is worth the effort because you are in control of the type and quantity of food you have. You can choose healthy food that will help you lose weight.

Try not to miss meals and then catch up later. Research has found that eating fewer, larger meals helps cause overweight. The sudden surge in blood sugar causes the body to release insulin, which helps store fat.

It makes sense not to follow or to fall into habits that cause you to be overweight. If you find you have developed some of these habits you can start by changing some of them. You may not be able to change all of them at once but you may be able to start by working on some of them, maybe one at a time. It will pay off because you will be healthy and you will lose weight.

Running to Lose Weight

Running to Lose Weight

A fantastic exercise with great health benefits is running to lose weight, especially when combined with brisk walking or jogging, diet and drinking lots of water in between. This is the absolute best way to control weight. Firstly, you should be clear of where you are comfortable starting in the exercise chain. Start walking or jogging or running, and gradually build from there. Always warm up before you actually begin your program of weight control. With muscles ready to go, increase your pace from whatever point you chose to start. That is, for example, easy walking should be sped up to faster walking, fast walking to jogging, and then finally jogging to running to lose weight.

Keeping A Journal Of Your Runs

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Keep record of the time it takes you to move up from stage to stage and your weight at your achievement. Be sure to share this information with your support group and interested friends. Remember they are the ones who will encourage you to succeed further to weight loss. You have several choices to have fun and achieve your goal of running to lose weight at the same time. Road running, cross country running, athletics, other sports that involve fast walking, jogging or running, and so on.

Road running, for example, provides different scenery and fresh air from that of a gym, while cross country running provides these on ever-changing terrain. Running uphill may suddenly change to nicer running down hill, through wooded areas or along a stream, river or by the sea. Imagine there are walking races as well as marathons. Something for everyone’s stage of development. Set small goals like going for 30 minutes non-stop, then increase to 45 minutes and more. At some competency stage, you may want to graduate into amateur or professional athletics as your fitness level grows steadily.

Make Running Fun!

Running to Lose Weight FunOnce you are disciplined and committed, your program of weight control will succeed as your health benefits too. Have simple tools necessary for running to lose weight at the ready. A pair of suitable sneakers, watch or stop watch, music such as MP3, reflectors for your outfit at night, sports bras, and so on, will suffice. Water is the best beverage to hydrate yourself with regularly, especially as it has no calories or fat to burn. This is unlike things like sodas and energy drinks which should be avoided at all costs. So a combination of suitable diet and exercises, like running to lose weight, is the most effective way to reduce fat.

Small, nutritious meals are highly recommended every 2-3 hours. Running to lose weight is a cardiovascular exercise that should be performed with vigour so as to trigger weight loss and increase lean tissue. This allows you to burn up approximately 100 calories per mile run. Obviously the more miles you run, the more calories you burn up! So go run some more miles, but be smart by reducing your calorific intake in the first place. It’s therefore best to follow a diet and nutrition program put together by your professional nutritionist and yourself when running to lose weight.

Secrets Revealed On How To Get Abs Fast – For Men And Woman

How To Get Abs

Want to know how to get abs?  In this article we’ll provide tips, tricks and techniques for both women and men to both gain and maintain six pack abs. The overall process is very simple in nature.

It has two essential steps, strengthen the abdominal muscles and lose body fat. These two simple steps lead to the development and maintenance of six pack abs.

This is Part 1 revealing Secret 1 to Secret 5 on How To Get Abs
Don’t forget to read Part 2 with the last 5 Secrets.

Secret #1:

Your greatest asset in getting six pack abs is not necessarily your body; it is your motivation and will power. It takes time and patience to get the six pack that you desire, but in the end, it is well worth the hard work and effort.

The second step is one that most people forget about. You can literally have six pack abs, but they are unseen because they are covered by a layer of fat. It is diet plus exercise that is the key!

There are several reasons why you might want six pack abs. The first of which is the most obvious one, looks. Whether at the beach, pool, or out for a day of fun at the park, everyone wants to look good, and nothing looks better than having six pack abs!

Secret #2:

In addition to this aspect, abs are the core of the entire body system. To have real strength in the rest of the body, one must also have strength at the core of the system.

Without strong abs, you are likely to injure yourself during work outs, plateau in other areas, and have a weaker body strength overall. Strong abs are key to having a strong body.

Secret #3:

The following are some simple diet and exercise tips for gaining and maintaining six pack abs. The two steps mentioned earlier can be broken down into a three step program.

You need:

1. Good Nutrition Planning
2. Cardiovascular conditioning and
3. Abdominal training

The combination of these three elements will give anyone seeking six pack abs the best results.

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Secret #4:

Concerning nutrition, think of the old adage, “garbage-in, garbage-out.” If all you eat is high processed foods, fast food, and junk food then your body will reflect that garbage-in behavior. If you eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drinks lots of water, and stays away from highly processed foods, then your body will reflect that behavior as well.

Before you attempt to do even so much as a single squat thrust, you can be well on your way to a leaner stomach just by watching your food intake.

Secret #5:

A special note here to body builders and those who are into high calorie diets, if you concentrate on eating natural and whole-grained foods, you can actually eat more food!

In addition to that, the food that is taken in will be better used by the body and thus result in better performance. Often, it is not the quantity of the food that is the problem it is the quality!

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