Running to Lose Weight
Running to Lose Weight

Running to Lose Weight

A fantastic exercise with great health benefits is running to lose weight, especially when combined with brisk walking or jogging, diet and drinking lots of water in between. This is the absolute best way to control weight. Firstly, you should be clear of where you are comfortable starting in the exercise chain. Start walking or jogging or running, and gradually build from there. Always warm up before you actually begin your program of weight control. With muscles ready to go, increase your pace from whatever point you chose to start. That is, for example, easy walking should be sped up to faster walking, fast walking to jogging, and then finally jogging to running to lose weight.

Keeping A Journal Of Your Runs

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Keep record of the time it takes you to move up from stage to stage and your weight at your achievement. Be sure to share this information with your support group and interested friends. Remember they are the ones who will encourage you to succeed further to weight loss. You have several choices to have fun and achieve your goal of running to lose weight at the same time. Road running, cross country running, athletics, other sports that involve fast walking, jogging or running, and so on.

Road running, for example, provides different scenery and fresh air from that of a gym, while cross country running provides these on ever-changing terrain. Running uphill may suddenly change to nicer running down hill, through wooded areas or along a stream, river or by the sea. Imagine there are walking races as well as marathons. Something for everyone’s stage of development. Set small goals like going for 30 minutes non-stop, then increase to 45 minutes and more. At some competency stage, you may want to graduate into amateur or professional athletics as your fitness level grows steadily.

Make Running Fun!

Running to Lose Weight FunOnce you are disciplined and committed, your program of weight control will succeed as your health benefits too. Have simple tools necessary for running to lose weight at the ready. A pair of suitable sneakers, watch or stop watch, music such as MP3, reflectors for your outfit at night, sports bras, and so on, will suffice. Water is the best beverage to hydrate yourself with regularly, especially as it has no calories or fat to burn. This is unlike things like sodas and energy drinks which should be avoided at all costs. So a combination of suitable diet and exercises, like running to lose weight, is the most effective way to reduce fat.

Small, nutritious meals are highly recommended every 2-3 hours. Running to lose weight is a cardiovascular exercise that should be performed with vigour so as to trigger weight loss and increase lean tissue. This allows you to burn up approximately 100 calories per mile run. Obviously the more miles you run, the more calories you burn up! So go run some more miles, but be smart by reducing your calorific intake in the first place. It’s therefore best to follow a diet and nutrition program put together by your professional nutritionist and yourself when running to lose weight.

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