How to Boost Metabolism
How to Boost Metabolism Quickly

How to Boost Metabolism

Are you working harder than you need to to lose weight? Do you feel like you’re always dieting, always tired and hungry, and still the weight doesn’t come off? It’s time to take a fresh look at weight loss, and most importantly, it’s time to understand the one slimming tool you can use to great advantage — your metabolism. If it’s running slow, slimming will be hard work for you. If you get it running fast – it’s going to be easy!

So What is Your Metabolism?

Put simply, in relation to food burning and slimming, your metabolism is how your body turns food into energy. It’s all the chemical processes that are a part of that.

All you need to think about as a slimmer is HOW fast it’s doing it. If it’s working slowly, my body will turn LESS of what I eat into energy and LESS fat into energy.  So, if it’s burning fast I FEEL MORE ENERGY plus burn more fat and lose weight more easily. Sound like a bonus!?

Learning How to Boost Metabolism

So — you want to speed up your metabolism to make life easier for you. What can you do? Here are three simple keys for Speeding up your Metabolism:

1. Drink enough water. This must be overstated because so many people just don’t get it or apply it! Water is life and your body’s on it. You are roughly 60% water. If you deny your body water, you are denying your body a basic building block of life. If you GIVE YOUR BODY ENOUGH WATER then you are enabling vitality, life and health.

2. Eat enough nutrition to go from fat storage mode to fat-burning mode. If your body needs 1200 calories per day at rest, and you only put in 800, then your body will be in fat storage mode and it will burn SLOW. If you want it to burn faster you need to get at least 1200 calories per day. How much extra depends on the exercise you do. Basically, aim to eat a little less than you are needing but at least as you need at rest. This is key!

3. Eat a small amount of protein with each meal. Protein is a muscle builder and repairer and using more muscle means burning more fat. Speeding up your metabolism is vital for successful slimming. Some people I’ve coached balk at eating more protein because they think meat. If that’s you, think nuts and pulses instead.

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