Fight Weight Loss Plateau

Fight Weight Loss Plateau

One of the common obstacles that weight watchers or dieters experience during their weight loss cycle is the Weight Loss Plateau. This is a phenomenon where your body seems to stop losing weight or worse you even gain few pounds.

Experiencing weight plateau should not discourage you from pursuing your weight loss program. You just have to remember that weight plateau happens because your body is adjusting to its new weight. Usually, during the initial phase of your weight loss program, your body has started losing water weight. So, naturally your body will tend to hold or absorb every drop of water or fluid it receives giving you an added weight. But you have to remember that this is not an actual weight. This is just merely water retention which will subside eventually.

In order to prevent water retention, you have to drink at least 6 – 8 glasses of water. Drinking adequate amount of water will help eliminate excess water in the body through urine and sweat.

Weight Loss plateau can be avoided through the following tips:

1)      Drink enough amount of water (6 – 8 glasses) to excrete your water weight.

Fight Weight Loss Plateau Drink Water
Fight Weight Loss Plateau Drink Water

2)      Continue your weight loss diet plan.

3)      Avoid frequent weight check because it will only cause frustrations.

4)      Do not fit your old clothes often. You have to remember that your body needs to adjust to its new weight and form, and your skin might still be loose.

5)      If you feel upset with the sudden water weight, do not binge on food. Don’t let your frustrations affect your will to lose weight.

6)      Focus on your goal. You have to keep in mind that weight loss plateau is just a phase you experience.

7)      Don’t forget your exercise. If possible, walk more.

Fight Weight Loss Plateau Exercise

8)      Evaluate your weight loss plan and your progress. Do you strictly abide to your diet plan? Maybe you are becoming lenient in following it.

9)      Regain your enthusiasm and be positive. Always think of your goal and the benefits of your weight loss plan.

Weight Loss Plateau should not hamper you from achieving your goal of weight loss and healthy body. It is just a phase that you can overcome soon. Keep in mind that you already started your program so quitting will mean wasting your time and effort. Go ahead, you can conquer weight loss plateau in no time.

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