Whey Protein Weight Loss

Whey Protein Weight Loss

Does whey protein weight loss programs really work?   Some dieters, especially women tend to be somewhat afraid of muscle.  They don’t want to look bulky rather than thin and toned.  But to get that toned appearance and to keep up results and to really lose weight in long term amounts, you have to have a certain amount of lean muscle mass.  This is something body builders seem to have a better grip on than the rest of us.  While you may not want to do everything that a bodybuilder does, there is at least one thing that they have right.

Whey Protein Weight Loss Really Works

The average bodybuilder consumes at least one protein drink on average along with other protein supplements on a daily basis if not at least a weekly basis.  And even if you don’t want to reach the heights of Arnold, you can still benefit from these protein packed smoothies or supplements.  If they are homemade, you tend to have more control over what goes into them and therefore how much or how little fat you will find in them.  You can pack them with not only soy or whey protein, but also with fiber, essential fats, yogurts, and other energizers and important elements.  And if you do it right, it can fill you for hours, resulting in you consuming fewer calories and not starving yourself at the same time, so your body will not panic.  Read about our Goal Weight Calculator.

This is only supported by the New York Obesity Research Center which conducted a study on the use of GNC’s soy based shakes.  Those using the shakes lost 3 times more weight than those with the same meals but without the protein shakes.  Kashi GoLean Meal Replacements were also shown to help people lose a significant amount more weight in 12 weeks than those on a traditional low calorie diet.

No matter what your weight loss goals, protein shakes will help if used at breakfast.  Harvard studies have shown that 6 hours after breakfast, those who consumed a protein shake showed more energy and efficiency than those consuming a high carbohydrate breakfast as well as a higher rate of metabolism.

Fast Food Nutrition: A Quick Guide

The term ‘fast food nutrition’ may seem to contradict itself as it is popular

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belief that nutrition can not be obtained from fast food. This, however, is a common misconception as there are, as a matter of fact, a lot of nutrients that can be gained from fast food items. Learning basic fast food nutrition facts will help you make healthier choices during your next visit to the fast food counter.

A Few Fast Food Tips

Although fast food nutrition can also provide you with your dietary requirements, trips to fast food outlets must be limited to a maximum of two times in a week. With so many things to do in such a limited time, you may find that you have only a few minutes left of your lunch break or that you need to grab a quick bite since your stomach can no longer wait for a proper meal to be prepared. These occasions may warrant eating fast food. You must be cautious, however, with how frequent these situations are. Remember that fast food nutrition must not be made to permanently substitute wholesome natural foods.

Fast Food Nutrition Choices

Fast Food Nutrition OptionsRecently, many fast food restaurants have grown to be more conscious of correct diet and proper nutrition for their customers. They have found ways to cater to those who wish to eat healthy even with a hectic schedule. They have started to offer fruits, vegetable salads and even non-fried chicken breasts. With this development, consumers can make healthier fast food nutrition choices. In this fast-paced generation, it is important to find food selections that are both fast and healthy.

Still, you must be able to learn how to be critical when selecting what you would want to eat, as well as when watching the dressings or condiments that go with your food. Calories could quickly tot up even with what’s served only on the side.

A healthy meal plan may even include a few fast food items. It must be emphasized, though, that fast food nutrition must be kept to its limit of once or twice per week. It is also essential to make smart fast food nutrition choices, and stick to those that can provide the nutrients you need. Keep away from those which only give empty calories.

A smart diet, complemented with regular exercise, will keep you in your best shape. Be aware that fast food nutrition may be able to assist you in the process, as long as you keep with the basic guidelines and learn to make intelligent choices.