Is Coffee Good For You?
Is Coffee Good For You?

Is Coffee Good For You?

Coffee has always had a reputation as being one of the bad guys!

But… Is Coffee Good For You??

Health sites are always instructing readers on how to reduce or quit caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee and sodas are offered as “healthy” alternatives to caffeinated products. But… how bad is coffee really??  Why is it bad?

Before I set down this path of discovery I had decided I needed to give up my 1-2 cups per day.  I didn’t really know why I needed to give up coffee, but all the wellness sites seemed to feel a caffeine free life was the only way to a healthy lifestyle.

Just as I was preparing to grudgingly give up my morning mug of “oomph,” I thought I should do a little research.  After all, I wanted to know if the sacrifice was worth the potential health benefits?

I found plenty of sites telling me to give up coffee because it’s a stimulant…

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hmm well DAH, that’s WHY I drink it, but I started to notice a lack of evidence saying why coffee is bad. I actually started to notice that no sites were even stating what detrimental effects coffee was supposed to cause in a normal, healthy person.

This made me dig around further, I was determined to find research stating coffee caused a health problem. I didn’t find that at all.

What I found was more new research coming through showing coffee is actually good for you if… like everything else, it’s used in moderation.

We need to make a particular note, we are NOT talking about caffeine. The health benefits seem to relate only to drinking delicious brewed, roasted coffee. So don’t think drinking a caffeinated soda will bring any benefit except a caffeine hit. It seems to be the 1500 plus, chemical components of the coffee bean which hold the clue.

So, lets take a new look at things.


  1. Lowers the risk of depression in women
  2. Increases memory and concentration abilities.
  3. Reduction of between 28% to 36% in cirrhosis of the liver.
  4. Lowers the rate of liver disease by decreasing levels of enzymes that damage and inflame the liver.
  5. Coffee enhances hepatitis C treatment in rejuvenating the liver.
  6. 1-3 cups of coffee has been found to have a slight protective influence on the heart.
  7. 3-4 cups has been found to moderately reduce the chance of stroke.
  8. People who drink coffee are 25% less likely to develop Parkinsons Disease
  9. Cancer research is suggesting that coffee drinkers have a greater protection from some types of cancer. Its thought that the Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the coffee bean could be responsible for the anticancer findings.
  10. Alzhiemers Disease is caused by a build up of beta-amyloid plaque. There is some early research which is suggesting coffee could play a role in somehow reducing this build up in regular coffee drinkers.

Whilst this is all wonderful news for me as a coffee drinker, I think it’s only fair to point out that people with a high cholesterol level should speak to their doctor before enjoying a morning cappuccino. The same antioxidant that has a positive affect on leveling insulin production in diabetics is a bad guy when it comes to those struggling with cholesterol issues or hardened arteries.

With the all the evidence on the table, my decision was not to give up coffee.

I just don’t feel there is any real health benefit to be gained by me foregoing my 1- 2 cups of coffee per day.  I’m healthy, I have no cholesterol issues and as someone who doesn’t mind a glass of wine or 3, I think my liver could use a little help that the coffee might give.

Haha, so next time you think about doing a liver cleanse, maybe you should include a nice cup of brew coffee.


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