Is Creatine Safe?

Is Creatine Safe?

Along with supplements and diet, there are a growing number of people who are also adding creatine to the regime. In order to discuss the question, “is creatine safe” it first takes a bit of understanding of the product you are considering using. Creatine has become one of the best selling supplements on the market. Is creatine safe? The basic answer is yes. Creatine is simply a combination of amino acids, Arginine, Glycine and Methionine. It’s really that simple. Many tend to think that creatine is a steroid, and this of course leads to the question, “is creatine safe?” Since it’s not a steroid, and actually is

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something that is also created by the body, as well as being found in food sources such as red meat and fish, it is considered to be a natural substance.

Creatine that is on the market for sale has only been around for a few years so it’s hard to know if this type of synthetic creatine is safe or harmful. With all the research that is being done into creatine, so far there is not one study that proves any side effects from creatine that could be deemed harmful. Some people have reported cramps and muscle spasms but in a recent study there were no conclusive results that proved this to be a side effect of creatine use. In fact, a study done by the International Journal Of Sports Medicine showed that side effects from creatine use are very rare.

As more studies are being done, there are actually results coming out that show the value of creatine in other medical conditions. Studies at the University of Kentucky have shown that the use of creatine has helped people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. People who suffer from muscular dystrophies have also shown that creatine use tends to help their muscle strength. This then carries over to a number of different illnesses and diseases that people suffer from, and who are now receiving benefits from the use of creatine.

What Is Known About Creatine

Recently there was a 21 month study conducted that looked at the long term effects of the use of creatine. The study involved athletes who on average used 5 gr. per day. When comparing these athletes to athletes who did not use creatine, the researchers found that there were absolutely no adverse effects from long term use of creatine. In fact what they did find were benefits from the use of creatine. They found that there were far fewer problems, such as muscle tightness, dehydration, joint injuries and that overall total injuries where far less in the athletes taking creatine.

So, when someone asks, “is creatine safe” the simple answer seems to be yes. Every study that has been done seems to be coming up with the answer that it is safe for people to use, and with each study there is more and more evidence that it has benefits far beyond what the researchers expected. Studies started out to test the safety factors of creatine, as well as the health benefits, and it is believed that as more research and more studies are done, the expectation is that there will be even more benefits found.

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