Get a 6-Pack With These Workouts!

Here’s a customized workout plan for getting those 6 pack abs you’ve always wanted!

Day 1:

Exercise 1: One Arm High Pulley Cable Side Bends (4 Sets Of 14 Reps),

Exercise 2: One Arm Medicine Ball Slam (4 Sets Of 20 Reps)

Exercise 3: Reverse Crunches using 5lb Dumbbell (4 Sets Of 12 Reps)

Day 4:

Exercise 1: Machine Crunches (4 Sets Of 14 Reps)

Exercise 2: Russian Twists with 15lb Medicine Ball(3 Sets Of 16 Reps)

Exercise 3: 15lb Dumbbell Leg Raises (4 Sets Of 15 Reps)

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