Success With Your Weight Loss Goals

Many People today have a common goal, losing weight. To achieve healthy, effective, and lasting weight loss, learning some basics about how your body’s works is critical.

Weight Loss Goals The Basic Math of How Your Body Works –

Weight loss directly hinges on the energy balance within your body. Energy balance is a measure of whether you have eaten more calories than you have burned during the day, or if you have burned more calories than you have eaten during the day. It can be hard to understand how your metabolism works because of all the variables that depend on the outcome of the needs of your body on any given. But the main concept is that your body does basic math, addition and subtraction, or in other words, calories eaten and calories burned.

In order to achieve weight loss in a healthy way you need to be able to get a negative energy balance within your body. The two main ways to do this are through diet and exercise. It is however important to remember not to try to achieve your weight loss goals by trying to get too much of a negative energy balance, as this can counteract your weight loss achievements and goals.

Losing Weight By Reducing Calories

To lose a pound a week you need to create a negative energy balance of 500 calories per day, or 3500 a week. 3500 calories makes up a pound of fat. But don’t get to discouraged by the numbers here it can be an easy task to achieve a deficit of 500 calories a day through the combination of diet and exercise. By burning 300 calories each day through exercise you cut the amount of calories that you need to cut out of your diet to 200.

To achieve the 300 calories per day through exercise you can implement a weight training workout into your day. With strength training your body will burn calories during the workout and continue to burn calories throughout the rest of the day repairing and building new muscle. Research has shown that by doing strength training you can increase your metabolism by more than 300 calories per day, also other research has shown that your metabolism can be elevated by strength training for up to 48 hours depending on the intensity of your workout. Another benefit of weight training is that as your body builds more muscle your metabolism increases because muscle burns more calories than fat stores.

For the diet part choosing a low fat diet is the easiest way to go. To achieve your 200 calorie deficit through you diet all you need to do is to cut out 22 grams of fat from you diet this will give you 200 calories out of your diet.  With a custom meal plan you’ll be able to take all of the guess work out of the diet plan.  Each custom meal plan is built to give you your high chance of success.

The Power Of Exercise

Easy enough right? Yes it is, exercising and eating a healthy diet will get you to you weight loss goal easier and faster than you could imagine. With our custom workout plan you’ll be able to have a workout routine that will help you achieve your weight loss goals.  Remember by cutting more calories from you diet will counteract your weight loss goals, this is because when you cut out to many calories from your diet the body goes into starvation mode and slows the metabolism down. Also your muscles can atrophy, meaning that you lose muscle instead of gaining muscle, so your metabolism goes down instead of going up because the amount of muscle in your body is going down. The best way to prevent this from happening is to preserve and build muscle through exercise and try to keep cutting calories out of your diet to a minimum.

Fight Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss plateau

One of the common obstacles that weight watchers or dieters experience during their weight loss cycle is the Weight Loss Plateau. This is a phenomenon where your body seems to stop losing weight or worse you even gain few pounds.

Experiencing weight plateau should not discourage you from pursuing your weight loss program. You just have to remember that weight plateau happens because your body is adjusting to its new weight. Usually, during the initial phase of your weight loss program, your body has started losing water weight. So, naturally your body will tend to hold or absorb every drop of water or fluid it receives giving you an added weight. But you have to remember that this is not an actual weight. This is just merely water retention which will subside eventually.

In order to prevent water retention, you have to drink at least 6 – 8 glasses of water. Drinking adequate amount of water will help eliminate excess water in the body through urine and sweat.

Weight Loss plateau can be avoided through the following tips:

1)      Drink enough amount of water (6 – 8 glasses) to excrete your water weight.

Fight Weight Loss Plateau Drink Water
Fight Weight Loss Plateau Drink Water

2)      Continue your weight loss diet plan.

3)      Avoid frequent weight check because it will only cause frustrations.

4)      Do not fit your old clothes often. You have to remember that your body needs to adjust to its new weight and form, and your skin might still be loose.

5)      If you feel upset with the sudden water weight, do not binge on food. Don’t let your frustrations affect your will to lose weight.

6)      Focus on your goal. You have to keep in mind that weight loss plateau is just a phase you experience.

7)      Don’t forget your exercise. If possible, walk more.

Fight Weight Loss Plateau Exercise

8)      Evaluate your weight loss plan and your progress. Do you strictly abide to your diet plan? Maybe you are becoming lenient in following it.

9)      Regain your enthusiasm and be positive. Always think of your goal and the benefits of your weight loss plan.

Weight Loss Plateau should not hamper you from achieving your goal of weight loss and healthy body. It is just a phase that you can overcome soon. Keep in mind that you already started your program so quitting will mean wasting your time and effort. Go ahead, you can conquer weight loss plateau in no time.

5 Tips For Weight Loss!

Weight Loss

In our day to day busy life, it is tough to maintain our health as well as our immune system. We have seen lots of people suffering from obesity due to their terrible food habits and unhealthy diet patterns. The simple reason behind this is because they did not know how to burn fat and calories. Excess weight is a problem that continues to hound a lot of people throughout their lives.

Everyone is looking for diet tips for weight loss because everyone is looking to improve upon their physique. Many people try to find the fast, easy weight loss methods that are available online. While some weight loss methods out there do get the weight off fast, there is no magic pill to make the weight come off and stay off. It does require some effort on the part of the dieter.

This article shares 5 easy tips for weight loss.

1. Never Ever Skip Breakfast

For dieters, and for almost everyone, the saying “The most important meal of your day is breakfast” is indeed true. Our metabolism is geared for action when you have a healthy breakfast. Breakfast, though, should be a well-balanced assortment of options such as cereals and whole grain bread, low-fat milk or yogurt, and fruits or fruit juices.

2. Stay Hydrated

Why do so many of us forget to water when it comes to burning fat and losing weight? Drinking at least 4 liters of water a day may make you rush to the loo more often than you want, but it is also going to make you feel less hungry.

3. Watch what you eat

The only way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than what you need in a day. There are calculators all over the internet to help you determine what the magic number for calories are based upon your weight and weight loss goals. Counting calories is a sure way to help drop the weight.

4. Get as active as possible

You are going to have to exercise to burn fat and keep your resolution if you want the body of your dreams. Working out in each day has numerous benefits. Among them is jump starting your body’s metabolism for the day, boosting your energy levels, improving your daily mood, and helping you too.

5. Get Enough Sleep

The body works extra hard during sleep to get rid of harmful toxins and balance hormone levels. So when you don’t get enough sleep every night, you cripple yourself in many ways. When you don’t sleep comfortably, or, lack sleep, it negatively affects your ability to lose weight. By having a sufficient sleep, your body will be able to function at its peak potential. You will be more efficient and be on your way to quickest way to lose weight. has some very affordable watches to track your sleeping patterns.

Here are but a few tips out of the millions out there. The above dieting tips for weight loss will be very instrumental in how you manage to get through your dieting plan and how effective it will be for you.